By organizing a reality the child is not yet capable of organizing for himself, rules insure a child’s physical and emotional well-being. In the absence of rules that are enforced "strictly," a child is at risk.



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Don't laugh!

Q: Our 4-year-old daughter has a huge problem with being laughed at. She loves to be goofy and do funny things but as soon as someone, including one of us, laughs at her she becomes upset. She will say "Don't laugh!" or "I don't want you to laugh at

Written 22 days ago - View Column

Good Advice from 1951

I recently came across a 1951 article my late mother saved from the Charleston (SC) News and Courier. Titled “Agency Offers Pointers on How Parents Can Guide Their Child’s Emotional Development,” it is proof that parents and professionals of t

Written 29 days ago - View Column

2 yo aggressive toward older brother

My two year old Alex hits his 4 1/2 year old brother Ben about a hundred times a day and sometimes bites. We put Alex in his room when he hits, but what do I do about Ben? Sometimes he laughs when he's being hit, most times he just stands there and

Answered 27 hours ago - View Answer

6 yo pouting

My six year old stepson has started pouting some lately, when we tell him no or reprimand him. We generally ignore it, or say something like "You can go to your room if you're going to pout." Is pouting something we should just ignore, or does it n

Answered 27 hours ago - View Answer

Comment on video games

Please excuse me - I am making a statement - YOU ROCK John Rosemond - I just read your column on boys playing video games . Well I was the Director for our parishes perschool. I had a little boy - 4 years old who was sullen, crabby and anti- social

Answered 51 hours ago - View Answer

13-yr old displays poor sportsmanship--part 2

Thank you for responding so quickly to a weekend question.... after further investigation, we have learned more details concerning the poor sportsmanship/pushing issue. I didn't witness the event, but my daughter did, and she confirmed my son's stor

Answered 3 days ago - View Answer

18 year old "asking" to be emancipated

We have an 18 year old son who is a Senior in High School. We have been having discipline problems with him on and off mostly since about 17 but have really gotten bad since he turned 18 in the Fall. He has a part time job that he has been doing go

Answered 3 days ago - View Answer

5 yo becomes suddenly defiant

We are so frustrated with our 5 year old daughter. We’ve had ups and downs before but she has generally been a sweet little girl. Now, in what seems like overnight, she has become extremely defiant, mouthy, devious, obnoxious and downright nasty.

Answered 3 days ago - View Answer

8 yr. old boy resentful of homeschooling

I have three sons. My oldest is eight. For the past two years I have homeschooled him. Prior to that he attended a Christian school for two years. While he attended school I had rarely any problems with him.(I understand that it may have something to

Answered 3 days ago - View Answer

13 yr. old boy displays poor sportsmanship

Good morning, We need a "guru's opinion" on a discipline plan for a our 12 (almost 13) year old son. In a fit of poor sportsmanship, he pushed a younger girl. We've already determined that he will apologize to the little girl's father and spend co

Answered 4 days ago - View Answer

16 mo toilet training

My wife and I have been trying to start toilet training our 16 month old toddler and have both read the Toilet Training without tantrums. Do you have any advice for how to approach getting our toddler to stay on the potty? We have been using a time

Answered 4 days ago - View Answer

Toddler takes control of bedtime

Hi! I was wondering if you might have any advice for me regarding my almost 2.5 yo son. We are having major issues with sleep!! We have always put him down in his crib awake, and he's done fine for the most part. He used to wake in the night mayb

Answered 4 days ago - View Answer

2 yo toilet training

I have a question about toilet training, I am currently trying to toilet train my 2 year old, I have read your toilet training book, and used that method with my other 3 and it worked fine, but my daughter has been at this 2 weeks and we are making v

Answered 5 days ago - View Answer

Adoption and attachment disorder

What is your opinion about attachment disorders? Before joining our family, our 8-year-old foster-to-adopt daughter was diagnosed with moderate reactive attachment disorder. She's been with us five months. When she has a tantrum (1-2 times a week

Answered 5 days ago - View Answer

18 yo tortures mice to death

My 18 year old son and a 16 year old male friend recently found some mice and decided to dispose of them - one by drowning and one by fire. I find that rather disturbing. When confronted by me for torturing animals, his response was that they are j

Answered 6 days ago - View Answer

8-year-old won't obey Cub Scout leader dad

My almost 8 year old son is a good student and well-mannered outside the home and most of the time with us. However, his father is his cub scout den leader and our son will not listen to him most of the time. He tends to goof off with his friends, ev

Answered 6 days ago - View Answer

ABC's of Homework Requires Stay the Course

We have been implementing the ABC's of homework for about 5 weeks now. There were four weeks before report cards came out and when report cards came out, her grades had slipped. Now we have taken everything from her room and she is confined to her

Answered 6 days ago - View Answer


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